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photos by Donata Wenders

Milla Jovovich, 1999

Pina Bausch

Screentest, 1999

Paris, France

The Couple, Tel Aviv, 2000

Getting Ready, Paris, 2000

Malecon II, 1998

MIlla Jovovich (left), Talytha

In the streetcar, Paris, 2009

On Main Street, Butte 2001

W.W., Los Angeles, 1999 (left), The Inner Voice, Los Angeles, 1999

Y.Y. (Yohji Yamamoto), Paris 2000

Balthus, 2000

Pina Bausch

Contemplation, 2006

Million Dollar Hotel, 2000

Sam Phillips

The Veil, Paris 2002

Peter Lindbergh

Milla Jovovich

Taking a Decision, 1999

Milla Jovovich

Omara Portuondo, 1998

Compay Segundo, 1998

Repentance, Los Angeles 2003 (left), Andie McDowell, 1996

Peter Handke, Chaville, 2009

The Dog "Friday", 2009

Malecon I, 1998

Compay Segundo, 1998

Tags: portraits
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