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photos by Albane Navizet

Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia

Anthony Perkins and his wife Berry Berenson

Mexican-born American actor, painter and writer Anthony Quinn, surrounded by his three sons, Daniele Quinn, Italian artist and sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, and Italian-born American actor Francesco Quinn.

John Huston

Julie Delpy

Dennis Hopper

Rosanna Arquette

Patricia Arquette

Tatjana Patitz

Kirk Douglas

Jean-Louis Trintignant and his daughter Marie Trintignant

Leslie Caron with her daughter Jennifer Hall

Patricia Arquette

Kyra Sedgwick

Kim Cattrall

Christophe Lambert

John Travolta

Peter Fonda

Matt Dillon

Ed Harris

Quincy Jones


Jennifer Beals


Shirley MacLaine

Andie MacDowell

Faye Dunaway

Mickey Rourke

Anthony Quinn

Gene Hackman

Jamie Lee Curtis

Yvonne Scio

Kim Basinger

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