Д. (d_kuzmina) wrote in everyday_i_show,

photos by Janette Beckman

Ska girls, 1980

Punks at Sid Vicious memorial march, 1979

Mod Girl, 1976

Tenpole Tudor

John Cooper Clarke

Sex Pistols

Mods on scooter, 1976

Skinheads with flag at Loch Lomond festival, 1980

Mods, The Islington Twins, 1979 (left); Boy, Kings Road, London, 1979

Joe Strummer

Dexys Midnight Runners

Shane MacGowan

Punks, 1978

Teds, 1979

Rock'n'Roll dancers, 1980

Teddy boy, 1980 (left); Mod boy, 1981

Phil Polecat and friends, 1980

Fan plays air guitar in mud at Loch Lomond Festival, 1981

Slim at Specials concert, 1980

Debbie Harry, 1981 (left); Julien Temple, 1982

Skinhead and mod fans at Loch Lomond Festival, 1981

Ska fans at Loch Lomond Festival, 1981

Record shoppers, 1981

Ladbroke Grove sound system, 1979

New Romantics, 1980

Punks, 1980 (left); Rude boys, 1981

Fans at The Jam's farewell concert, 1982

The Beat, 1980

Tags: documentary, vintage photography
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