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photos by Gordon Parks

Untitled. Mobile, 1956.

Untitled. Mobile, 1956.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thornton. Mobile, AL, 1956.

Store front. Shady Grove, AL., 1956.

Outside looking in. Mobile, 1956

Untitled. Mobile, 1956.

At segregated water fountain. Mobile, 1956.

Willie Causey and family. Shady Grove, 1956.

Willie Causey, Jr., with a gun during the violence in Alabama. Shady Grove, 1956.

Untitled. Shady Grove, 1956.

Airline terminal in Georgia. Atlanta, 1956.

Children at play. Shady Grove, 1956.

Ondria Tanner and her grandmother window-shopping. Mobile, 1956.

Untitled, home of Virgie Lee Tanner. Mobile, 1956

In-home barbershop, Shady Groove, 1956

Black classroom. Shady Grove. 1956

Tags: documentary, vintage photography
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