Д. (d_kuzmina) wrote in everyday_i_show,

photos by Richard C. Miller

Janet Leigh with daughters Jamie Lee and Kelly

Dennis Hopper

Jane Russell

James Stuart

Gary Cooper

Deborah Kerr

Shirley MacLaine

James Dean

Dennis Hopper

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer

James Dean

Sophia Loren

James Dean

Marilyn Monroe

Anthony Perkins

James Dean

Marilyn Monroe

James Dean

Janet Leigh

Ronald Reagan

Richard Boone

Liz Taylor and James Dean

Johnny Mathis

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis with daughter Kelly

Hope Lange and Don Murray

James Dean

Harry Belafonte

Hedy Lamarr

Tuesday Weld

Shirley MacLaine and Sachi Parker

Marilyn Monroe

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