Д. (d_kuzmina) wrote in everyday_i_show,

photos by Terry O'Neill

Dustin Hoffman

Patrick Swayze

Jodie Foster

Jeanne Moreau

Brigitte Bardot

Jimmy Page

Faye Dunaway

Charlotte Rampling

The Who

Camilla Sparv and Michael Caine

Paul Newman

Raquel Welch

Brigitte Bardot

Jacqueline Bisset

Raquel Welch

Elizabeth Taylor and David Bowie

Sean Connery

Clint Eastwood

Audrey Hepburn

George Harrison

Romy Schneider

Claudia Cardinale

Carla Bruni

Mick Jagger

Barbara Bach

Faye Dunaway

Michael Caine

Elton John

Marlene Dietrich

Mia Farrow

Ava Gardener and Paul Newman

Ursula Andress

Ava Gardner

Brigitte Bardot

Paul Newman

Mickey Rourke

The Who

Audrey Hepburn

Tags: portraits, vintage photography
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