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photos from The New York Times

1969, Children riding on the Lexington Avenue Express.

1926, New York policemen escorted strike-breaking motormen from Van Cortlandt Park to their posts during a strike of the Consolidated Railway Workers of New York in 1926.

1940, Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia cut the ribbon at the opening of the 34th Street station of the new Sixth Avenue subway.

1940, In a view north from106th Street, only the supports of the old Ninth Avenue elevated line remained as the push to go underground continued.

1942, At Westchester and Havemeyer Avenues in the Bronx, a moving train crashed into an empty one that was parked. A motorman sustained a fractured skull and broken ribs.

1945, Workers boarding up the Lexington Avenue line's City Hall station after 41 years of service.

1958, After missing the Rockaway Express as it left Times Square, Jazzbo the clown waited for the next train.

1958, A suitcase served as a card table for Pat Maloney, Rosalie Gargiulo, and Jackie and Tommie Maloney, 5 and 12, during a ride on the Rockaway Special.

1959, The crossing at East 105th Street in Canarsie, Brooklyn, was a point in the subway system where trains and traffic intersected at street level.

1965, Transit police officers aboard a car at Stillwell Avenue in Brooklyn.

1967, The Aqueduct Special took horse racing fans to the track.

1970, After the price of a token rose to 30 cents, a 10-cent increase, a young woman ducked under a turnstile as a police officer tried to maintain order at the 71st Avenue station in Forest Hills, Queens.

1970, Officer Michael Esposito comforted a lost child in the Times Square station.

1978, Electricians on a break at the Sheridan Square station.

1975, Taking the A train, and ignoring the graffiti.

1976, An undercover Transit Police officer stood over a man who was captured after he tried to rob another officer serving as a decoy in the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn. The decoy came to the aid of a woman knocked down during the chase.

1977, Catherine Williams made a habit of wearing hats while selling subway tokens in the Lexington Avenue line's 77th Street station.

1970, Would-be riders making a dash for the Times Square shuttle.

1979, Painters working in the City Hall station had to move their equipment aside each time a train arrived, and then set it up all over again.

1979, At times, graffiti threatened to overwhelm the subway.

1979, A kissing couple at the Grand Central stop on the Lexington Avenue line, and a graffiti-covered car on the opposite track.

1980, A nun was among the subway riders faced with a flooded path as she made her way from the Times Square shuttle to the Lexington Avenue line after severe weather struck.

1981, A subway car full of passengers inside, and graffiti outside.

1983, A detective examined the crime scene aboard a No. 3 train after a plainclothes transit officer was stabbed.

1983, New Japanese-built subway cars with a graffiti-resistant finish were loaded onto rails.

1983, Shannon O'Leary fought the heat and humidity on a No. 6 train headed downtown.

1986, Students from Public School 316 in Brooklyn reacted to a train's arrival at 81st Street and Central Park West, a stop for the American Museum of Natural History.

1987, Transit police officers, right, guarding suspected turnstile jumpers arrested in a sweep of 37 Bronx subway stations. The suspects were to be taken to a "prebooking center' set up to process them.

1987, Trash overflowing in the Times Square station.

1985, A subway exit at 116th Street.

1992, Charles Gayle played his muted trumpet in the subway.

1992, At the Times Square station, two Russian immigrant musicians, Leonid Skriabin, on guitar, and Grigoriy Shlemas, on violin, wore masks as they played during Halloween season.

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