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photos by LeRoy Grannis

Midget Farrelly Surfing Shore Break, Makaha, 1968

Palos Verdes Cove, 1967

Pipeline, c. 1965

Sunset Beach, c. 1969

Duke Contest Finalists, Sunset Beach, 1968

Greg Noll, Eddie Aikau and Bobby Cloutier, Waimea Bay, 1966

Sunset, 1972

Greg Noll Surf Shop Display Room, Hermosa Beach, 1961

Aikau Family, Sunset Beach, 1967

Jackie Eberle, Waimea Bay, 1964

Watching Surfers, Sunset Beach, 1967

Mike Doyle, Waimea, 1967

Ricky Hatch for Jacobs Surf Boards, Hermosa Beach, 1961

Waimea Bay, 1966

Huntington Beach, 1961

Makaha Hawaii (People By The Car), 1962

Malibu, 1965

Henry Ford, 22nd Street, Hermosa Beach, 1963

Flyboy, 22nd Street, Hermosa Beach, 1964

The World Surfing Contest, Ocean Beach, San Diego, 1966

Dewey Weber, 22nd Street, Hermosa Beach, 1966

Duke Contest Finalists, Sunset Beach, 1967

Malibu Lineup, 1967

Unidentified, 22nd Street Hermosa Beach, 1963

Palos Verdes Cove, 1964

Aussie Surf Wagon, Hermosa Beach, 1965

Surf Woody, Redondo Breakwater, 1963

Ehukai Beach, c. 1969

Puerto Rico World Contest, Rincon, 1968

Hittin' It, Redondo Breakwater, 1963

Greg Noll Surf Team, Sunset Beach, 1966

Unknown Surfer, Pipeline, 1972

Duke Classic Finalists, Sunset Beach, 1968

Eddie Aikau, Sunset Beach, 1964

Down the Face, Waimea Bay, 1973

Beach Hair Cut, Malibu, 1967

Watching World Surfing Contest, Ocean Beach, 1966

Club Surfing Contest, San Onofre, 1963

Kent Layton, Hermosa Beach, 1969

Greg Noll Surf Shop, Hermosa Beach, 1963

Camera Man Covering Duke Contest, Sunset Beach, 1967

Ron Sizemore Backs into Third, D&W Surf Championships, Delrey Beach, 1963

Torrance Beach, 1964

Miki Dora, Malibu, 1961

Beach Stomp, Huntington Beach, 1965

The Malibu Pit, 1961

The Malibu Wall, 1966

Tags: surf, vintage photography
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