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photos by John 'Hoppy' Hopkins

Arriving at rehearsal for TV show "Jukebox Jury" , Teddington Studios, London 1964, Paul McCartney enjoys being grabbed by fan.

Brian Jones

Marianne Faithfull at a private photoshoot in her London flat, 1966.

Mick Jagger

John Lennon at rehearsal for TV show "Jukebox Jury", Teddington Studios, London 1964.

Beatles fans.

Girls Talks Turns. (In the early fifties the Ace Café became the destination for a new breed of bikers. The post-war generation, bored by old
values and conventions and confronted with social changes, were searching for their identity. There were two significant
influences: Rock ‘n’ roll and motorbikes. Leather jackets and jeans were worn, creating the black leather rebel cult.)

Top Table

Gala Smile

V Sign

Backstage somewhere in the Midlands during a blues tour around 1964. Muddy Waters and Otis Spann jam with Sonny
Terry and Brownie McGee in between sets.

Miles Davis (Miles Davis, he hated white photographers. But looking back I think I can now understand better the mindset, which
says: "if you take my picture you are taking something from me".)

Picks Teeth

Little Guy at Counter

"The Rey"

Boy Girl Frontispiece

Bikers Exterior


Pirates (Because of their dress, their noisy bikes, and their tendency to move in gangs, nobody wanted them. Dance halls refused them, bowling alleys told them to go home. Youth clubs were afraid of them. Even transport caf’s didn’t welcome their custom).


London, early June, 1965. In town for International Poetry Congress at Royal Albert Hall. Poets sit on steps of Albert Memorial. Top Left: Barbara Rubiin. Back row L-R: Adrian Mitchell, Anselm Hollo, Marcus Field, Michael Horovitz, Ernst Jandl. Front row: Harry Fainlight, Alex Troicchi, Allen Ginsberg, John Esam, Dan Richter.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti recording a conversation with Allen Ginsberg at the Albert Memorial while Shakespeare listens in.

Allen Ginsberg

William Burroughs

Malcolm X, the charismatic black activist, spoke in Notting Hill to a crowded meeting of supporters of the civil rights
movement in the USA. He was assassinated shortly afterwards in New York in February 1965.

Easter Monday 1966 in Trafalgar Square, the end of the Aldermaston march. The acid heads (Hoppy, Julie Felix and
Michelle Poole) merged with the crowd, and sold out all the copies of the Long Hair Moon Edition Times, the forerunner
of International Times, launched in late 1966.

Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg at his 39th birthday party, June 3rd, 1965.

Dread God

Marijuana Boys


Bus Stop Kingston

Boy on Wall


Dole Queue

Rail Arches Boy Girl


Mick Jagger

Marianne Faithfull


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