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photos by Igor Palmin

Moscow.Outskirts, snow falls (1977)

Moscow. Kuskovo. End of season (1977)

Moscow. Untitled. (1979)

Moscow, "Economy should be saving!" Sverdlov Square, 1981

Moscow. Meeting (1977)

Moscow. Yard. Football (1980)

Moscow. Subway (late 1970-es)

Yalta. 1983

Moscow."Buy Ice-cream!" (1984)

Day Two. 20.08.91

Buryaad Republic. Zakamensk town.(1980)

Moscow, Vozdvigenka street, 1981

Baikal. Near the Lake.

Yuri Molok (art historian), Lilya Brik (1891 -1978) - russian writer, a woman beloved by Vladimir Mayakovsky,Vasily Katanyan, May Miturich-Khlebnikov, painter, Artist's House at Kuznetsky Bridge, 1976

Julia Voznesenskaya, writer, Leningrad, 1976

Alexandra Azarh- Granovskaya, Actress then director Jewish State Theater, she was wife of founder the State Jewish Chamber Theater Aleksey Granovskii (real name - Abraham Azarkh). (1892-1980 ) 1978

Yevgeny Yevtushenko (1933) - Soviet and Russian poet, writer, director, screenwriter, at exposition
Unofficial Art in pavilion "Apicalnure", 1975

Bella Akhmadulina - poet, writer, translator, one of the largest Soviet lyric poets of the second half of XX century. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Bridge, 1974

Vladimir Vysotsky (1938, 1980) - Russian Soviet poet, composer and performer, artist, actor.
By the 15 th anniversary of the Theater Taganka, 23-4-1979

Lita (Aelita) Lomakina, artist and designer (?-?), 1979

V.Kharlov's wife artist Vera Ushakova. Zhivotovo-Rusinovo, Kirov Region. (1984)

Visitors (1990)


Day Three. White House 21.08.91

Moscow. Pigeon fancier (1976)

Moscow. Passerby, Griboyedov Street (1978)

Buryaad Republic. Zakamensk town. Kid with puppy

Buryaad Republic. Stopover before Selenga River (1980)

Riga (Latvia). Old Town (1959)

Vilnius, Old Town ( Lithuania) 1976

Moscow. At a crossroads (1980)

Vladivostok, the city beach (1985)

Chopper. Pechory, Pskov region (1983)

Moscow. Communal Apartment, the breakfast in the kitchen (1972)

Old Tallinn. 1983

Moscow. On Llenins library footstep. (1985)

Yakutia. Tiksi rejion. Tundra, White Night (1984)

Moscow. Studio of artist Igor Obrosov and his cat (1985)

Tashkent, Underground transition, 1979

Settlment Itum-Calle, fight, 1977

Chechnya. Shepherd's Son, 1977

Moscow. Street Vozdvizhenka (1982)

Painter Lidia Masterkova at home-studio, 1968

Kolomna (Moscow region).The Weddings Procession (1981)

O.E., Old Arbat resident, 1981

Moskow, "Hot Krendels" - "Krendels not"
(c) Igor Palmin.

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