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photos by Marion Post Wolcott

Miner's wife on porch of their home, an abandoned company store. Pursglove, West Virginia, 1938

Jitterbugging in Negro juke joint, Saturday evening, outside Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1939

Pauline Clyburn, rehabilitation borrower, and two of her children, Manning, Clarendon County, South Carolina, 1939

Coal miners' card game on the porch, Chaplin, West Virginia, 1938

Coal miner's wife carrying home water from the hill, Bertha Hill, West Virginia, 1938

Singing and music for agricultural workers' children in new day nursery at Okeechobee migratory labor camp. Belle Glade, Florida, 1941

Child of coal miner, Jere, Scotts Run, West Virginia, 1938

Primary class in new school, Prairie Farms, Montgomery, Alabama, 1939

Project family in new wagon, Flint River Farms, Georgia, 1939

Skiers from Boston, Massachusetts, relaxing in lodge at North Conway, New Hampshire.

Children at May Day Picnic at Irwinville Farms, Georgia, 1939

"Pahokee Hotel", migrant vegetable picker's quarters. Near Homestead, Florida, 1941

Migrant family from Missouri camping out in cane brush. One woman said, "We ain't never lived like hogs before, but we sure does now". Canal Point, Florida, 1939

Living quarters, store, and -juke joint- for migratory laborers near Canal Point, Florida, 1941

Mrs. Ellis Adkins and her youngest child. The family are rehabilitation borrowers, Coffee County, Alabama, 1938

Coal miner's family. Pursglove, West Virginia.

Lee Betties, rural rehabilitation client, with sack of horse and mule feed on rear of his wagon, leaving general store at Woodville, Greene County, Georgia, 1939

Behind the homemade plow in the school garden, Gees Bend, Alabama, 1939

Coal miner and his family on their back porch, Bertha Hill, West Virginia, 1938

"The Whittler", an old Negro man (ex-slave) Camden, Alabama

Workers and truck

Children in a cotton field, Statesville, North Carolina, 1939

Mexican miner's wife, Scotts Run, Bertha Hill, West Virginia, 1938

Construction workers gathered around the bunkhouse stove, Camp Blanding, Florida, 1940

Sulky Races, Shelby County Fair, Kentucky, 1940

African-American patron going in colored entrance of the Crescent Theatre in Belzoni, Mississippi, on a Saturday afternoon, October 1939

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