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photos by William Claxton

Ornette Coleman

Cootie Williams

Dennis Hopper

Chet Baker

Steve McQueen

Chet Baker

Stan Getz

Noel Coward

Judy Garland

John Cassavetes

Miles Davis

Gloria Swanson

Natalie Wood

Zoot Sims

Duke Ellington

George Hamilton

Steve McQueen

Dinah Washington

Chet Baker and wife Halema Alli

Lorraine Glover, wife of famous hardbop trumpet player Donald Byrd

Audreys Hot Dog Stand, Los Angeles, 1961

Chet Baker

Chet Baker and Teddy Charles

Steve McQueen

Dizzy Gillespie

Will Shade

Chet Baker and Lily

Jimmy Archey, Earl “Fatha” Hines, and Pops Foster

Steve McQueen

Marlene Dietrich

Art Pepper

Lee Friedlander

Miles Davis

Marlene Dietrich

Steve McQueen

Aldous Huxley

Steve McQueen

Ali MacGraw

Frank Sinatra

Steve McQueen

Elvin Jones

Parade, New Orleans

Ray Charles

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