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photos by Harold Feinstein

Coney Island Teenagers, 1949

Father with Baby Daughter, 1954

Sailors Riding the Subway from Coney Island, 1957

Girl in Checkered Dress, NYC, 1957

Cruisin' on Saturday Night, Time Square, 1957

Girl with Horse, 1950

Handwriting Analysis, Coney Island, 1950

Ladies of the Garden Club, Coney Island, 1954

The Whip, Coney Island, 1950

Gypsy Girl at the Carousel, 1949

Sightseeing Bus, 1956

Blanket Toss Beach Play, Coney Island, 1955

Coney Island, 1989

Balloon Pop Game, Coney Island, 1951

Pigeons, 1955

Beach Concert, Coney Island, 1950

Reaching for the Brass Ring, Coney Island, 1958

Night Snow on West 11th Street, 1982

Man on NYC Subway Platform, 1972

Window Washer & Flock of Pigeons, 23rd Street Loft, New York City, 1972

Short-order-cook, Grant’s Lunch Counter, NYC, 1969

Coke-Clock on the Boardwalk, Meeting Place, 1950

Two Coffee Mugs and Doe, 1965

Crowded Day at the Beach, 1960

Greta Garbo Movie Poster, NYC, 1966

Horse in Misty Pasture, 1973

World Watcher Quartette, Coney Island, 1977

Coney Island, 1954

Abundant Life, 1964

Strange Encounters, Coney Island, 1990

Horse Back, 1975

Uh Oh Watch Out, Coney Island, 1951

The Gyro Waiting Line, Coney Island, 1947

Teens Carrying Girl, Coney Island, 1956

Degas' Coney Island, 1949

Polka Dot Twins, NYC, 1952

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