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photos by Judy Dater

Maria and Legend, 1971

Gwen, 1972

Man with bulldogs, New York, 1976

Tai Chi Woman, 1997

Sharon Moore, 1971

Imogen and Twinka at Yosemite, 1974

Young man, Tokyo, 1978

Woman and Daughters, Beverly Hills, 1972

Maggie smoking, 1970

Sabine, France, 1973

Pregnant couple, 1965

Lovers, 1964

Vickie Singer, 1986

Kathleen Kelley, 1972

Postmen, Arles, 1976

Hank Jenkins, 2005

Joyce Goldstein in her Kitchen, 1969

Lucia, 1972

Japanese-white embrace, 1964

Kathleen and China, 1972

Laura Mae Dunlap, 1973

Gwen, 1972

Edna, 1968

Consuelo Cloos, 1980

Gael and Rachel, 1971

Celeste Hutchins, 2003


Anna Orso

Twinka and Tree, 1970

Libby and Moose, 1973

Tags: portraits, vintage photography

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