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Argentine gauchos race across a lake near Beron de Astrada, November 1980.
Photo by O. Louis Mazzatenta

Под катом серия фотографий из юбилейного архива 'National Geographic'.
Интернет-проект под названием 'FOUND' был создан ко дню 125-летия научно-популярного журнала, его составляют ранее неопубликованные снимки штатных корреспондентов издания.

Men relax in camp while on safari in Kenya, February 1969.
Photo by Bruce Dale

Off-duty work horses trot across a dry wash in the Sierra Baguales in Patagonia, Chile, February 1960.
Photo by Kip Ross

A farmer sprays a peach orchard with lime sulphur to prevent brown rot in Greer, South Carolina, March 1953.
Photo by Robert Sisson

Young boys throw a ball on a lush green hillside below castle ruins in Warwickshire, England, 1968.
Photo by Ted Spiegel

Children play outside a Hudson Bay Company store in Ontario, Canada, 1963.
Photo by Winfield Parks

A woman in a yellow dress uses an umbrella to keep dry in Saint Louis, Missouri, November 1965.
Photo by Bruce Dale

Women harvest wheat with sickles then bind it by hand in a field in 1956.
Photo by Franc and Jean Shore

Scientists take samples to study radioactive discharges in the Susquehanna River in Maryland, March 1985.
Photo by William T. Douthit

Skiers relax by a fire at a Stowe dormitory in Vermont, August 1967.
Photo by B. Anthony Stewart

Children of coal miners play near a fire-prone wooden house in Siberia, September 1988.
Photo by Steve Raymer

A surfer stands on a board in rough churning surf in Mazatlan, Mexico, August 1968.
Photo by W. E. Garrett

An aerial photograph of farmland in Michigan, June 1979.
Photo by James L. Amos

View of the interior of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, December 1983.
Photo by James L. Stanfield

Saint Christopher decorates an archway over a cobblestone street in Bavaria, Germany, March 1974.
Photo by George F. Mobley

A bright orange river of sparks cascades from a high cliff in Yosemite National Park, May 1958.
Photo by J. Baylor Roberts

Motorcycle club members wear studded leather jackets and rakish caps in London, England, June 1966.
Photo by James P. Blair

Women use compact mirrors in packed crowd to catch sight of the queen in London, June 1966.
Photo by James P. Blair

A mobile home shines amid eerie rock formations in Alberta, Canada, October 1970.
Photo by W. E. Garrett

A man in a corral shears whiteface sheep near a curving country road in Devon, England, 1968.
Photo by Ted Spiegel

Buckets of iron ore are transported to a major steelworks in Hunedoara, Romania, November 1975.
Photo by Winfield Parks

A family gathers near their campsite at dusk near Georgian Bay, Ontario, July 1963.
Photo by Winfield Parks

Giant dunes sculpted by the wind present a challenge for day hikers in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, May 1958.
Photo by William Ralph Gray

A man feeds donkey sulla flowers and foliage from its own load near Gangi, Sicily, Italy, January 1955.
Photo by Luis Marden

Boys play hockey when temperatures sink below freezing in Minnesota, February 1976.
Photo by David Boyer

Geysers of sand explode as geologists probe for oil-bearing land in Saudi Arabia, January 1966.
Photo by Thomas J. Abercrombie

Teenagers run and play on large white sand dunes in New Mexico, 1957.
Photo by J. Baylor Roberts

Официальная страница архива - FOUND

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