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photos by Slim Aarons

Bathers round a pool in Sotogrande, Spain, August 1975.

Коллекция снимков за авторством Слима Ааронса, которого в шутку можно было бы обозвать 'фотографом бассейнов', ведь именно это место он счёл своей избранной съемочной площадкой, всерьез же его называют не иначе как фотографом красивой жизни.
Однако пляжные зонтики в колоссальном количестве, прозрачная вода и густой солнечный свет, непременно заполняющий всю площадь кадра, отнюдь не главные на этом празднике лета и беспечного времяпровождения.
С первого взгляда сложно понять откуда взялись все эти люди на фотографиях, кажущиеся то ли моделями из каталога Ральфа Лорена, то ли героями яркой и наивной живописи Хокни, ясно одно - где-то мы их уже видели. Так и есть, Ааронс за свою продолжительную карьеру посетил бессчетное количество загородных владений первосортных господ, подтянутых и загорелых наследниц всего и вся, голубокровых аристократов, кинозвезд, писателей наконец. Все эти громкие звания непременно бросающиеся в глаза наблюдающего обывателя, с легкой руки фотографа заставляют скорее не завистливо сокрушатся о разнообразных несправедливостях в социальной иерархии, а внезапно почувствовать теплый соленый ветерок в лицо, шуршание мелких ракушек под ногами и остальные необходимые атрибуты всей этой дольче виты знакомой отчасти каждому.

The Campbells' pool at Cotton Bay, on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas, November 1982.

Tennis in the Bahamas, 1957.

Carl Hovgard's home, Bouldereign in Carefree, Arizona, built around the boulders on a desert site, January 1973.

A sunbather on a rock by the seaside pool at Jacques Couelle's home 'Monte Mano', on the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy, August 1973.

Freddie and Howard Cushing surfing with friends at Bailey's Beach (the Spouting Rock Beach Association) in Newport. Their father introduced the sport to the club in the 1930's.

General view looking down on sunbathers on the deck of a yacht, off the coast of the Bahamas, April 1967.

Pool at Lake Tahoe, California, 1959.

Donna Fabrizia Lanza di Mazzarino in the garden of her grandparents’ Villa Tasca d’Almerita, Palermo, 1984.

Hidden beach.

Marie-Louise Scio at the Tettuccio Terme in Montecatini, Italy, 1980.

Gloria Schiff, the twin sister of Consuelo Crespi, with her pet dog and pet birds at Lyford Cay in the Bahamas.

Princess Colonna and her third son, Prospero, in the grand gallery of the Colonna family palace, which occupies an entire city block near the Piazza Santi Apostoli.

Home of architect Arturo Pani in Acapulco, Mexico, January 1971.

Riders from the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center wend their way through the Californian sand dunes and pampas grass, November 1976.

Porto Ercole Hotel Pellicano.

Tanned bodies on the deck of Dino Pecci Blunt's yacht in Marbella, 1967.

1961: Actress Tania Mallet relaxes on a red-curtained four poster in Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. She is best known for her role as the unfortunate Tilly Masterson in the Bond film 'Goldfinger'.

Alvin and Lilly Fuller outside their new home in Palm Beach, Florida, pose with their fashionable European sports car, the Mercedes 190SL, 1970.

Spectators dine in the open air as the horses go by at Baden Baden racecourse, Germany, September 1978.

Poolside At Laguna Beach.

Leonard Dalsemer, President of the International Paper Company, with his family.

Lily Safra, wife of Lebanese banker Edmond Safra, with Mikki Sarofim and American socialite Jerome Zipkin at La Leopolda, Safra's luxury villa in the south of France, July 1991.

A woman experiences the Caracalla Therme spa in Baden-Baden, September 1990 (right).

Surfers off Rhode Island, September 1965.

Paul Butler, patriarch of one of America's foremost polo families, with his son, daughter, grandchildren and son-in-law, Palm Beach, April 1981. Left to right: Adam Butler, Reutie Butler Shober, Jorie and Michael Butler Kent, Paul Butler and Geoffrey Kent.

Socialite Alice Topping relaxing at a poolside in Palm Beach, 1959.

Sunbathers on the beach at St. Tropez, France, 1977.

Holidaymakers water-skiing in front of the Carlton Hotel, Cannes, 1958 (right).

Author Truman Capote (1924 - 1984) relaxes with a book and a cigarette in his cluttered apartment, Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Mrs. Woolworth Donahue with car and bicycles on her motor yacht, 'Hartline'.

Young women by the Canellopoulos penthouse pool, Athens, July 1961.

Film producer Kevin McClory takes his wife Bobo Segrist and their family for a drive in an 'Amphicar' across the harbour at Nassau.

Marbella Club Waterfall, 1976

Swimsuited revellers enjoy a glass of wine outside the Carlton Hotel, Cannes.

C. Z. Guest with a poodle and a Great Dane at her ocean-front estate, Florida, 1955 (left). Preparing to go paragliding in Acapulco a young blonde woman holds on firmly to her parachute harness, 1968.

The view from the terrace of Il Canile, a villa owned by Umberto Tirelli and Dino Trappetti.

South Africa Swimming Pool, 1959.

1990: Lord Hesketh, Minister of State at the Department of Trade and Industry, by the lake in the grounds of his family estate Easton Neston House, Northamptonshire with his motorbike, a Hesketh V1000. The child in the centre is his daughter, Sophie.

Dani Geneux (left) and Marie-Eugenie Gaudfrin sunbathing at the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, Antibes, France, August 1976.

Carlton Hotel, Cannes, France, 1958.

The Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, California, designed by Richard Neutra in 1946 for businessman Edgar J. Kaufmann, and now owned by Nelda Linsk.

American actor Hugh O'Brian (left) hoists the sail on a dinghy, Antigua, West Indies, 1961.

1983, Santa and Serena Antonelli taking tea on the terrace of their home above Via Giucciardini, Florence, Italy.

Jim Kimberly and his wife, with his white sports car and white boats moored on Lake Worth. A Palm Beach socialite, he acts as Honorary Consul of Jordan.

Young matrons of Palm Beach, Florida. Most of them are wearing a gaily coloured Lilly Pulitzer shift.

A desert house in Palm Springs designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufman. Lita Baron approaches Nelda Linsk, right, wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk who is talking to a friend, Helen Dzo Dzo.

American writer C.Z. Guest (Mrs F.C. Winston Guest, 1920 - 2003) and her son Alexander Michael Douglas Dudley Guest in front of their Grecian temple pool on the ocean-front estate, Villa Artemis, Palm Beach.

Topless swimmers on a rocky promontory of the Mediterranean island of Cavallo, Corsica, 1984.

Giacorno and Stefania Montegazza welcome guests arriving by boat at their villa, La Casinella, on Lake Como, 1983.

A woman drinking from a coconut underwater in the pool at Las Brisas Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico, February 1972 (left). Guests by the pool at the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, Antibes, France, 1976.

Comedian Peter Selleres holidays with Princess Margaret on the Aga Khan's yacht on the Costa Esmerelda, 1965.

Laura Hawk amid the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum, on the Gulf of Salerno.

Sunday brunch at Brennan's restaurant, New Orleans, 1960.

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  • photos by Anthony Friedkin

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