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photos by Roman Vishniac

Two friends shyly approach the photographer, Lodz.

Porter Nat Gutman, Warsaw.

Ernst Kaufmann, center, and unidentified Zionist youth, wearing clogs while learning construction techniques in a quarry, Werkdorp Nieuwesluis, Wieringermeer, The Netherlands.

Smiling children, Mukacevo.

Jewish kid.

Sara, sitting in bed in a basement dwelling, with stenciled flowers above her head, Warsaw.

An elder of the village, Vysni Apsa.

Selma was sent to the store for a pot of soup and a bottle of milk, Lodz, 1938.

The notice on the wall reads "Come Celebrate Chanukah." These men are selling old clothes, Kazimierz, Krakow.

Jewish Street, Old Ghetto of Wilno, Poland.

Children playing outdoors and watching a game, TOZ (Society for Safeguarding the Health of the Jewish Population) summer camp, Otwock, near Warsaw.

Isaac Street, Kazimierz, Kraków.

Kraków, Poland.

Jewish schoolchildren, Mukacevo.

Young boys on the street.

Boy with kindling in a basement dwelling, Krochmalna Street, Warsaw.

Children playing in the Jewish quarter, Bratislava.

Children playing on a street lined with swastika flags, probably outskirts of Berlin.

Children waiting outside the registration office of a transit bureau, Schlachtensee Displaced Persons' Camp, Zehlendorf, Berlin.

Grandfather and granddaughter, Warsaw, Poland.

Nazi Storm Troopers, ca. 1935.

Boy standing on a mountain of rubble, Berlin.

Two friends on the street.

Recalcitrance, Berlin.

Women walking with a baby carriage, Berlin.

Sisters Marion, Renate, and Karen Gumprecht, refugees assisted by the National Refugee Service (NRS) and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), shortly after their arrival in the United States, Central Park, New York.

Three women, Mukacevo.

Street scene with a swastika flag on a storefront (at left), Berlin.

Man purchasing herring, wrapped in newspaper, for a Sabbath meal, Mukacevo.

Jewish street vendors, Warsaw, Poland, 1938.

Girl in plaid dress, Mukacevo.

Holocaust survivors gathering outside a building where matzoh is being made in preparation for the Passover holiday, Hénonville Displaced Persons' Camp, Picardy, France.

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