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photos by Jesse Alexander

Phil Hill (Ferrari F2), Nuremberg, 1958

Spyder, Targa Florio, Italy, 1959

Archie Scott-Brown, Jaguar DType, Sweden, 1956

4.5 Coupe, Maserati Factory, Modena, 1958

Vic Elford, Nurburgring, Germany, 1971

Collins, Monza, Italy, 1957

Collins and Hawthorn, Nurburgring, Grand Prix of Germany, 1958

Stirling Moss, Spa, Belgium, 1955

Ferrari, Salon de Paris, 1955

Princess Grace, Monaco, 1966

Gear change, 300SLR, Historic Mille Miglia, Italy, 1990's

Mercedes W196, 1954

Millers at Molsheim, France, 1956

Dan Gurney, Monaco, 1962

Mercedes W196, 1954

Hans Stuck waving to Jenks, Le Mans, 1966

Reims, France, 1956

Reims, France, 1956

Trintignant, Reims, France, 1956

Monte Carlo Rally, France, 1956

Jean Behra, Targa Florio, Italy, 1958

Phill Hill, Monza, Italy, 1958

Nurburgring, Germany, 1958

Ferarri Mechanic, 1954

Birdcage, Le Mans, France, 1960's

Bertocchi and Behra, 4.5 Coupe, Maserati Factory, Modena, 1958

Monza, Italy, 1961

Bertocchi and Tanner, 4.5 Coupe, Maserati Factory, Modena, 1958

Enzo Ferarri, Modena, Italy, 1957

4.5 Coupe, Maserati Factory, Modena, 1958

Yves Montand, Monaco, 1966

300SLR, Historic Mille Miglia, 1990's

Moss, 300SLR, Bologna, Italy, 1990's

Class Winning 356, Targa Florio, Italy, 1958

Steve McQueen, Monaco, 1966

Giacomo Agostini, Near Milan, Italy, 1967

Goodwood Festival of Speed, 1995

Mike Hawthorn, Monza, Italy, 1958

Francois Severt, Watkins Glen, USA, 1971

Stirling Moss, Goodwood, UK, 1958

1000 KM, Nurburgring, Germany, 1959

Historic Mille Miglia, 1987

Porsche unloading, 1960

Reims, start, 1958

Spyder Fans, 1960

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