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photos by Jeannette Montgomery Barron

Willem Dafoe

Lisa Love
(Lisa is a former model and actress, and is now the Senior West Coast Editor of Vogue. This was taken in the courtyard of her apartment building where she and her husband Nick, lived in Hollywood. They knew everybody and I thought they were so bohemian.)

Kathryn Bigelow
(In 1980, Kathryn and my brother Monty directed the Loveless, shot in South Georgia. I was the stills photographer and learned a lot by sitting around the set all day. The entire crew was staying in a Holiday Inn right off the highway. The bar there was hopping, I can assure you.
Kathryn was always very disciplined and focused, so it came as no surprise to me that she was the first woman to win an Academy Award for best director.)

John Lurie

Keith Haring
(This was taken in Keith’s studio on lower Broadway. Every single inch of his walls was covered with drawings. I really didn’t have to do anything, Keith just went through his poses and I snapped the shutter.)

William Burroughs
(I photographed him on his 71st Birthday in the loft of one of his good friends, right above the Strand Bookstore on lower Broadway. I didn’t know much about Burroughs except that he had accidentally killed his wife when trying to shoot an apple off her head. So when the door opened and I saw a long table lined with shotguns, I was a little afraid. I was in and out of the loft within 30 minutes, maximum. I couldn’t help noticing that Mr. Burroughs wore Earth Shoes, which had long been out of fashion. Later, I found out that the shotguns were filled with paint for his 'Shotgun Paintings.')

Julian Schnabel
(I was shopping in Barney’s one day and in came Julian and Jacqueline, his first wife, with a child in a stroller, I guess it was Lola. Lola dropped her bottle; I picked it up and introduced myself, asking if I could photograph Julian.
My then boyfriend, now husband, James, was with me the day I went to his studio to do the portrait; he spotted the helmet and the shadow it made.
Julian liked the photo, in fact he signed a copy to me: ”your fan, Julian." That made me pretty happy.)

Cindy Sherman
(I wanted to take a simple portrait of Cindy. Just outside the frame lay all of the pig noses and assorted props we have seen in her photographs.
I love Cindy’s work, especially her early black and white film stills.)

David Salle
(I photographed the painter David Salle more than once in his White Street studio. He told me to take a look at Ugo Mulas' photographs of artists. I did, and they were a great influence.)

Andy Warhol
(The first time I photographed Warhol I was given only five minutes - that was at the Factory on Union Square. But little by little, I got to know him and he became more comfortable around me. He always made you feel like the most brilliant person, remarking on what a great idea you had, even when it was actually pretty mundane.)

Enzo Cucchi
(This was taken just outside of Rome in the summer of 1986. At that point, I spoke no Italian and Enzo spoke no English. I thought I had gotten the picture I wanted but then this man reached into the frame to retrieve his glasses. That’s one of the beautiful things about photography; that moment changed everything.
Enzo is the most elegant man. I often see him reading the paper in the morning in Piazza Navona in Rome, where I spend part of the year now.)

Jean-Michel Basquiat
(I was in Basquiat's studio several times and can affirm that he did indeed paint in designer suits. He was always nice to me and I would see him out at parties some nights. This photo was taken early one evening in his studio. Jean-Michel was very quiet, almost edgy. Then the door rang and a few guys came in and they went off to another room for a few minutes. Jean-Michel's mood improved afterwards.
Why in the world didn't I buy one of his paintings?")

Ryuichi Sakamoto
(This was an assignment for a Japanese Magazine. The theme was ”A Day in New York with Sakamoto” or something to that effect. We rode around in a limo all day stopping to photograph Sakamoto at the gym, shopping at Barney’s and at his favorite record store in the village, that kind of thing. At the end the day, I took this picture. The blurriness of the picture bothered me for years. Now I love it.)

The Starn Twins

Alba Clemente
(Alba is so much fun. I only wish I could record her voice for this book - it's unbelievably sexy. Once, I was sitting next to her at a dinner party and noticed she had stuck pearls inside her ears - she told me it made things less loud. I thought that was pretty elegant - much better than cotton balls.)

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Bianca Jagger
(I was assigned to photograph Bianca for German Cosmopolitan. She was three hours late, typical for her in those days. She had been at Calvin Klein’s picking out clothes. Once she walked in the room, we all forgot how angry we were. She started to cry when Neil Young’s “Old Man” started playing on the radio. Whenever I hear that song, I want to cry, too. I got to know Bianca pretty well after that; we used to exercise and have lunch together. She would call me up and say, in her low, sexy voice,”Come to lunch at The Factory right now.” I would sit at Andy’s long table with Boy George, Quentin Crisp, and Keith Haring, whoever was current at the moment. One time Bianca took me to Le Cirque where we ended up having a chat with Richard Nixon. You always got the best service in a restaurant when you were with Bianca. Sometimes, we didn’t have to pay.)

Robert Mapplethorpe
(I was nervous about taking a portrait of Robert. He was a photographer I very much admired. I shouldn’t have been worried — Robert was extremely sweet and hospitable; he offered me chocolate milk and a joint. I am sorry I didn’t have a chance to know him better. He died shortly after.)


Georg Dokoupil

Willem Dafoe
(I first met Willem when he was starring in a film that my brother, Monty Montgomery, and Kathryn Bigelow were directing, 'The Loveless.' This was in 1980 and it was Willem’s first leading role. It was shot in South Georgia. So I have known and photographed Willem over the years. This portrait was taken in 2002 in Willem’s apartment in NYC. Despite looking like a tough guy, he’s a sweet pea.)

Julian Schnabel

Warhol and Basquiat

Dennis Hopper and Matt Dillon
(I was assigned by Rei Kawakubo, the designer of Comme Des Garcons, to photograph Matt and Dennis for her publication, SIX. I was flown to Paris where we rented an artist’s studio to do the shoot. Matt was very sweet, asking about my camera and photography. Dennis asked my assistant to take her pants off.
I love Dennis Hopper’s photographs.)

Moira Dryer

Beatrix and Adelheid Ost
(Mother and daughter. Beatrix is an artist and actress. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia in a home built in 1820. Inside the home feels like Germany but outdoors it’s America. ”Trixie” was wearing a dress by Azzedine Alaia.)

Eric Fischl

Ada Katz

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Jenny Holzer

John Waters
(The first thing John does when you enter his apartment is to take a Polaroid; he records every visitor.
John is intellectually high to low- he reads everything from The National Enquirer to The New York Review of Books and is one of the most brilliant people I know (not to mention one of the funniest).
I set this photo up in John’s New York living room next to a George Stoll toilet paper holder. The toilet paper was made of chiffon. John told me his building superintendent did not understand at all why he would want a toilet paper holder in his living room.
John put his hand over the address label of his National Enquirer so no one could see where he lived.)

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