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photos by Tim Hetherington

Liberia. Monrovia. March 2004. Namibian United Nations peace keeper.

Фотографии, снятые британо-американским военным корреспондентом Тимом Хетерингтоном во время политических волнений в регионах Западной Африки. Будучи опытным фоторепортером, освещавшим вооруженные конфликты в разных странах более десяти лет, Хетерингтон четырежды становился лауреатом премии World Press Photo. Погиб при обстреле ливийского города Мисурата в апреле 2011 года, в его честь организван грант в размере 20 000 евро, ежегодно вручающийся авторам лучших фотографических проектов посвященных защите прав человека.

Liberia. Monrovia. 2007. The abandoned Ducor Palace Hotel, Theresa.

Liberia. Tubmanburg. May 2003. A market woman brings cassava leaves into the central market area of Tubmanburg.

Liberia. 2003. A young armed fighter of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) smokes a cigarette on the hill top compound of the LURD chairman, Sekou Conneh (also appears on the t-shirt).

Liberia. Tubmanburg. June 2003. 'Pepper', a fighter with the LURD rebels, was shot in the chest during an attack on the capital Monrovia. Three days after this image was taken, Pepper walked 50 km in another attack on the capital during which he was shot in the thigh.

Liberia. Greenville. September 2005. A fisherman passes the wreck of an old ship off port of Greenville. Liberia is scattered with boat wrecks owing to the 14 year civil war.

Liberia. Tubmanburg. June 2003. Young male fighter shows off his nail polish.

Ivory Coast. Bouake. October, 2002. Mental asylum at Bouake during the uprising. Many people congregated here including refugees and prisoners who had been freed. This picture was taken during the the rebel insurgency which began with an uprising on September 19th 2002 by army mutineers.

Liberia. Monrovia. May 2004. Ex-combatant poses for an outside studio portrait on Broad street. The boy was recruited to fight for Charles Taylors forces. He was caught during the fighting by LURD rebel forces, who cut his hands off and sent him back to Monrovia.

Angola. Luanda. May 2005. Micro-finance business schemes working in Luanda.

Liberia. Monrovia. September 2004. Girl at Antoinette Tubman stadium.

Sierra Leone. Freetown. May, 2002. An man whose arms were hacked off by fighters of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) during the country's civil war holds his electoral registration card with his prosthetic limbs before heading out to vote on election day.

Liberia. Monrovia. October 2005. Young men cry for water during a Campaign for Democratic Change (CDC) political rally. Many people collapsed from heat exhaustion during the day.

Liberia. Monrovia. June 26th, 2003. LURD fighters.

Liberia. 2006.

Sierra Leone. Freetown. November, 2004. Traditional Creole architecture.

Liberia. Tubmanburg. June 23rd, 2003. A LURD fighter cleans his AK-47 assault rifle in preparation for a renewed attack on Monrovia.

Liberia. 2006.

Liberia. Voinjama. 2006. Portraits of people made under the security lights of a UN compound.

Liberia. Tubmanburg. 2004. A young ex-combatant with the rebel group Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy walks towards a UN disarmament point run during the first phase of the diasrmament programme.

Liberia. Tubmanburg. June 21st, 2003. Woman stands outside broken housing in the centre of Tubmanberg. As the forward headquarters of LURD, Tubmanburg had become an increasingly busy town with an almost normal sense of life.

Liberia. Monrovia. 2005. Jordanian riot police guard the US embassy in Monrovia following a riot ourtside the gates.

Liberia. Tubmanburg. June 26th, 2003. A Sierra Leonian fighter, trained by the British army in Sierra Leone, parades himself before the advance on the capital of Liberia. The conflict cannot be viewed as the isolated problem of only Liberia, as the cycle of violence generated by warlords ends up affecting the whole region.

Ivory Coast. Bouake. October, 2002. Rebel soldier of MPCI (Popular movement for Ivory Coast) controls a crowd in central Bouake. This picture was taken during the the rebel insurgency which began with an uprising on September 19th 2002 by army mutineers.

Liberia. Tubmanburg. June 21st, 2003. Wounded soldier after fighting at Kley Junction.

Liberia. 2004. War graffiti left during the various parts of the Liberian civil war.

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