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photos by Alfred Wertheimer

The Kiss. In the privacy of the narrow hallway under the fire stairs of the mosque Theater, while other performers are on stage before 3000 fans in the audience, Elvis is concentrating on his date for the day.
Mosque Theater, Richmond, Va.
June 30, 1956

Под катом коллекция черно-белых снимков фотографа Альфреда Вертхаймера, который в середине пятидесятых годов прошлого века создал огромное количество портретов начинающего рок-н-ролльного короля Элвиса Пресли.

Elvis and Barbara Hearn. After having taken a shower, and still bare chested, Elvis has his high school sweetheart, Barbara Hearn, listen on the phonograph to the acetate disc with cuts of his songs from the New York recording session.
1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, Tenn.
July 4, 1956

Elvis’s pompadour as seen from a stairwell, 1956

Taxi cab to the Jefferson Hotel, 1956

Elvis Presley sitting on the porch of his home at 1034 Audobon Drive, Memphis, Tennessee, July 4, 1956

Elvis Greets Fan in White. Having arrived at the Hudson Theater in New York City to perform on the Steve Allen comedy show, Elvis is greeted by a female fan who had come all the way in from Long Island to meet her idol.
New York City. July 1, 1956

With the help of a pocket mirror Elvis gives a final touch to his ducktail in the bathroom of his suite at the Warwick Hotel, New York City, 1956

Kneeling at the Mosque. Elvis, on his knee in front of the foot lights, sings to his 3000 mostly teenage female fans, who were delighted by his presence and his music. He left them in tears of joy.
Mosque Theater, Richmond, Va.
June 30, 1956

Heading back to Memphis from New York City on the Southern Railway, Elvis, in animated pose, tells a long-winded story to sidemen Scotty Moore and Bill Black, July 3, 1956

Elvis Reading Fan Mail. Once inside his suite at the Warwick Hotel, Elvis found an envelope containing dozens of fan letters that were sent to him which he proceeded to read.
New York City. March, 17, 1956

The Buddha.Elvis, in deep concentration, sits on the floor of the recording studio listening to a playback of his latest take of “Don’t Be Cruel.” Everyone was focused on him to await his reaction.
RCA Victor Studio 1, New York City
July 2, 1956

Elvis, June, 1956

Elvis In The Coffee Shop Of The Jefferson Hotel, 1956

Going Home. Elvis on the Southern Railroad between Chattanooga and Memphis, Tenn.
July 4, 1956

Reading Fan Mail, 1956

Starburst, 1956

Elvis, Steve Allen and The Basset Hound. Steve Allen, and Elvis discuss in rehearsal how Elvis will sing his song, “Hound Dog,” to a basset hound on a pedestal wearing a top hat. Allen wanted to avoid the controversy that occurred after Elvis swiveled his hips on “The Milton Berle Show.”
NBC Television, Hudson Theater, New York City. July 1, 1956

Between songs, Elvis relaxes and cracks a joke, 1956

While changing out of his clothes after the show, Elvis is easily distracted by a beautiful girl, 1956

Entering the Warwick, 1956

A three-foot-tall stuffed panda arrives mysteriously the first day of the train ride, and rumor has it the Colonel is responsible, 1956

Jump, 1956

Elvis enjoys a Pepsi in the rec room with his cousins Billy and Bobby Smith, 1956

Returning to Memphis, 1956

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