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photos by Burt Glinn

Women viewing painting at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 1964.

Под катом коллекция цветных снимков легендарного репортера агентства "Magnum" Берта Глинна.

Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, 1973.

Portrait of Richard Avedon, NYC, 1966.

Escalators and art work in Park Avenue building, New York, 1975.

Leonard Bernstein conducts a final vocal rehersal for a production of "Carmen" at Lincoln Center, 1972, New York City.

Lone horse woman riding her horse accompanied by her dog among the dunes in the Northern part of the state, California, Cape Mendocino.

New York state senator Robert Francis Kennedy campaigning in a small town, Indiana, 1968.

Morocco, 1971.

Leroi Jones, Newark, New Jersey, 1959.

A stripper disrobes in front of a silent film of Charlie Chaplin at the Kino club, Berlin, 1958.

Four sunbathers on leopard skin-printed rafts, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1966.

Couple walking towards L'Arc de Triomphe, Paris, 1966.

Diane von Furstenberg with future husband, Barry Diller, 1976

Nightclub in Dallas during the height of disco, Dallas, 1965.

A quiet moment at the Cock & Bull coffee shop, which is popular with the "Beat" poets, New York City, 1959.

Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, at his mansion, Chicago, 1966.

California coastline just north of the Russian River in Northern California, 1965.

Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, 1957.

Two riders along the beach at dusk, 1976, Peru, Lima.

Goldman Sachs, New York City, 1983.

Laundry day on island of Janitzio in lake Patzcuaro, Mexico.

The French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent in his workshop "atelier" with sketch, Paris, 1979.

Beauty contest, North Carolina, 1961

Surfer's Beach, Santa Monica, 1965.

Taxi riders with London bus in the background, London, 1964.

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