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Changing Times: Los Angeles in Photographs, 1920-1990

Three youths hitchhiking on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, Calif., 1966

Group of teenagers dancing the Watusi in Los Angeles, Calif., 1965

Group of Hippies receiving free food at beach front parking in Venice, Calif., 1968

Zahrina Machadah, shoeshine lady of Sunset Blvd., Calif., 1976

Ed Holovchik [aka Ed Fury], bodybuilder and Mr. Los Angeles contestant with model Jackie Coey, 1953

Group of "Venice bohemians " playing bongos on steps of Los Angeles City Hall to protest city ordinance, 1965

Actress Goldie Hawn rehearsing for a television special with her father, violinist, Edward Rutledge Hawn in Los Angeles, Calif., 1970

Girl with button pinned in her hair reading "I'm A Beatle Fan In Case of an Emergency Call Paul " in Los Angeles, Calif., 1964

Homeless Linda Henderson asleep in auto with her dog Butch in Los Angeles, Calif., 1947

African American percussionist Alvin Taylor at a salon getting a perm in Los Angeles, Calif., 1974

Jail cell filled with sleeping men arrested for drunkenness on Christmas Day in Los Angeles, Calif., 1950

Group of UCLA students at commencement wearing gowns with peace now armbands and peace symbol on cap, 1970

Young woman eating diet cola and french fries in Los Angeles, Calif., 1965

Surfers at Redondo Beach, Calif., 1962

Six Boy Scouts cutting down marijuana plants in Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1969

Saleswoman Diana Lundquist demonstrating fire safe waterbed in Hollywood, Calif., 1971

Boy holding baseball cards, one set with baseball players; second set with pictures of The Beatles, 1964

View of Burbank and Glendale from hilltop in Griffith Park, Calif., 1976

Wounded suspect, Minton R. Scott in police car after being shot by officers in Los Angeles, Calif., 1947

Couple wading through flooded streets in Newport Beach, Calif., 1974

Timothy Leary and his wife, Rosemary Woodruff holding news conference in Los Angeles, Calif., 1969

California National Guardsman hanging out window of train, kissing his wife good-bye, 1950

A couple wearing waders, cooking at stove in flooded kitchen, 1937 flood Long Beach, Calif.

Couples dancing amongst crowd at love-in held at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, Calif., 1967

Teresa Thomas and John Armistead at the Beach Club in Santa Monica, Calif., 1966

Los Angeles police recruit Robert Peterson receiving sombrero from four-year old Cynthia Ann Martinez of Wilmington, Calif., 1971

Los Angeles policewomen cadets running tires in 1946

Police cadets Melva Myers, Betty Webster, Norma Johnston, Janet Elvedahl and Betty Hern posing with guns in Los Angeles, Calif., 1948

Couple smoking marijuana in a house in Hollywood, Calif., 1967

Prostitute speaking to man in automobile on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, Calif., 1977

Teenagers, bound for democracy camp, poking their heads out windows of bus in Los Angeles, Calif., 1966

Two young boys peeking into doorway of an adult book store in Lennox, Calif., 1969

American Bandstand television program, Dick Clark in background, Los Angeles, Calif., 1973

California Highway Patrol officers conducting drunk driving check-point on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, Calif., 1967

Sophia Loren pressing her hands into wet cement at Hollywood Walk of Fame, 1962

Two youngsters watching waves crash against rocks at Point Mugu State Park, Calif., 1979

Latino couple comforting each other at LAX after learning of Aeromexico plane crash, 1986

Gorgeous George Wagner with his wife Elizabeth (Betty) at court for name change in Los Angeles, Calif., 1950

Actress Jayne Mansfield and husband Mickey Hargitay sitting in empty living room of their home in Holmby Hills, Calif., 1958

Seven men with arms up in unity being marched off by police during Isla Vista riots near UC Santa Barbara, 1970

Actress Audrey Hepburn handing Julie Andrews her best actress Oscar for film Mary Poppins, 1965

Four women dancing amongst crowd at an Easter Love In held at Elysian Park, Los Angeles, Calif., 1970

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