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photos by F.C. Gundlach

Op Art Swimsuit. Brigitte Bauer, Op Art swimsuit by Sinz Vouliagmeni

Romy Schneider

Rainweather, party sunshiny. Three poplin coats by Staebe-Seger

Berlinale. Elsa Maxwell and Gina Lollobrigida, film ball in the Palais am Funkturm, X

Op Art Silhouette. Jersey coat by Lend

Jean-Luc Godard

Cary Grant. A Star goes to the Ball.

Erich von Stroheim during the shooting of “Alraune”, Munich

Gérard Philipe while shooting “Fanfan la Tulipe” (directed by Christian Jaque)

Maria Schell while shooting “Der träumende Mund” (directed by Josef von Baky)

Simone Signoret and Yves Montand while shooting “Thérèse Raquin” (directed by Marcel Carnés)

Sonja Ziemann on the beach of Phaleron

Young women in Persia

“The hosts”, Miss Germany 1954

Yorn twists with a model

Horst Bucholz while shooting “Himmel ohne Sterne” (directed by Helmut Käutner)

Inge Schönthal-Feltrinelli and Carlos Dudek

Maria Schell and Eddie Constantine

Susanne Erichsen and her Afghan Hounds

Grit Hübscher, complet by Staebe-Seger

“The hat”, Renate von Arnim, hat by Mecklenburg

Lo Olschner, coat with foxfur-collar by Heinz Oestergaard

Doris Piepenburg, glasses by Optik Meier

Grit Hübscher. White atlas coat by Sinaida Rudow

Simone d´Aillencourt, costume by Lindenstaedt & Brettschneider

Lo Olschner, ocelot coat by Berger

Denise Sarrault, cape coat made of persian lamb

Bambi, dress by Horn

Lena Madsen, costume by Staebe-Seger

Gitta Schilling on the Place de la Concorde

Maggy Eckhardt, persian lamb coat with cape

Cocktaildress by Dior

Astrid Schiller, mini by André Courrèges

“Gilded with fur”, Cathrine

“Op Art-Fashion”, Cathy Dahmen, dress with hound's tooth design by Falke

Cathy, Birgitta and Sunny for Falke Fashion

“At the Avus”, Ingeborg Prinz

“Op Art-Fashion at the beach”, Micky, Karin and Ann

Mini dress by Daniel Hechter in front of David Hockney

Mini dresses by Chiwitt in front of David Hockney's “A bigger Splash”

Mickey Belverger, evening dress by Christian Dior, chair by Airborne International

“Pop Art-Fashion”

Beschka, Gipsy-Look

Gitta Schilling, cocktaildress by Schulze-Varell

Francoise Rubartelli

“All day at the beach”

“Everything glitters”, Inger, ensemble by V de V

Karin Mossberg, ensemble by Jean Patou

“Embroidered and flowered”, Cathy Dahmen (Lopez)

“Pop Art-Fashion”, Mickey, crêpe dress by Pisanti

Sue, skirt and cape by Nina Ricci

“Pop Art-Fashion”

Chichinou in the bullfighting arena, dress by Gigi-Modelle

“Sand yachts”

Slow. Karin Mossberg

Tags: fashion, vintage photography
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