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Historical images from the Korean War.

A young Marine finds a moment of quiet and solitude in which to offer up a prayer for the safety of himself and his comrades. Minutes later, the 1st Marine Division launched an offensive against entrenched communist troops. Ca. 1951.

Two North Korean boys, serving in the North Korean Army, taken prisoner in the Sindang-dong area by elements of the 389th Inf. Regt., are interrogated by a U.S. soldier shortly after their capture. September 18, 1950.

Marilyn Monroe, motion picture actress, appearing with the USO Camp Show, "anything Goes," poses for the shutterbugs after a performance at the 3rd U.S. Inf. Div. area. February 17, 1954.

Audience reaction to the Bob Hope show at Seoul, Korea. October 23, 1950.

USO Troupe - Mickey Rooney amd members of his show feed troops chow; right to left are : Dick Winslow, Mickey Rooney, Deenah Prince, Alice Tyrrell, and Red Barry. October 12, 1952.

A grief stricken American infantryman whose buddy has been killed in action is comforted by another soldier. In the background a corpsman methodically fills out casualty tags, Haktong-ni area, Korea. August 28, 1950. Sfc. Al Chang.

The Rockets Red Glare - U.S. Marines launch a 4.5 rocket barrage against the Chinese Communists in the Korean fighting. Ca. 1951.

Infantrymen of the 27th Infantry Regiment, near Heartbreak Ridge, take advantage of cover and concealment in tunnel positions, 40 yards from the Communists. August 10, 1952.

A wounded U.S. Marine awaiting transportation back to a field hospital after receiving first-aid at the battle zone.

Pfc. Thomas Conlon, 21st Inf. Regt., lies on a stretcher at a medical aid station, after being wonunded while crossing the Naktong River in Korea. September 19, 1950.

San Diego, Calif. A young officer and his wife sitting in their car at the dock and staring quietly at the waiting aircraft carrier before he leaves for Korea. 1950. Black Star.

Pfc. Clarence Whitmore, voice radio operator, 24th Infantry Regiment, reads the latest news while enjoying chow during lull in battle, near Sangju, Korea. August 9, 1950. Pfc. Charles Fabiszak, Army.

Catching up on his letters to the folks at home during a break Communist forces along the fighting front in Korea, is Pfc. Dwight Exe, 5th Cav. Regt. November 15, 1951. Cpl. James L. Chancellor.

Cpl. John W. Simms of Bradbury Heights, MD, is shown bidding his wife, Ann, and their 8-month-old son, John Jr., goodbye as he leaves for Korea, 1950.

Marines of the 1st Marine Division relax by a Korean hut after destroying an enemy sniper housed there. September 24, 1951.

With her brother on her back a war weary Korean girl tiredly trudges by a stalled tank, at Haengju, Korea. June 9, 1951.

Pfc. Edward Wilson, 24th Inf. Regt., wounded in leg while engaged in action against the enemy forces near the front lines in Korea, waits to be evacuated to aid station behind the lines. February 16, 1951.

With nearly 3,000 pin-ups (including over 200 shots of Marilyn Monroe) serving as wallpaper for their Quonset hut, these Marines of the "Devil-cats" squadron are still looking for more, October 28, 1952.

Soldier from the 77th Engineer Co. prepares to remove a mine. 15 Sep 1950.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur addressing an audience of 50,000 at Soldier's Field, Chicago, on his first visit to the United States in 14 years, April 1951.

Pfc. Orvin L. Morris, 27th Regiment, takes a much deserved rest during his evacuation to Pusan, Korea, on a hospital train. He was wounded by enemy mortar fire on front lines. July 29, 1950.

An aged Korean woman pauses in her search for salvageable materials among the ruins of Seoul, Korea. November 1, 1950.

A small South Korean child sits alone in the street, after elements of the 1st Marine Div. and South Korean Marines invaded the city of Inchon, in an offensive launched against the North Korean forces in that area. September 16, 1950.

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