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photos by Arnold Newman

Ayn Rand, New York, NY, 1964

John F. Kennedy, Washington D.C., 1953

Otto Frank
Father of Anne Frank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1960

Truman Capote, New York, NY, 1977

Alberto Giacometti, Paris, France, 1954

Edward R. Murrow, New York, NY, 1951

Francis Bacon, 1975

Salvador Dali, New York, NY, 1951

I.M. Pei, New York, NY, 1967

Grandma Moses, Eagle Bridge, NY, 1949

Woody Allen, New York, NY, 1996

Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood, CA, 1962

Henri Cartier-Bresson, New York, NY, 1947

Diana Vreeland, New York, NY, 1974

Sir Cecil Beaton, England, 1978

Harold Pinter And Tom Stoppard, England, 1978

Stieglitz & O'Keeffe, New York, NY, 1944

Arthur Miller, New York, NY, 1947

Max Ernst, New York, NY, 1942

Richard Lindner, New York, NY, 1977

Roy Lichtenstein, South Hampton, NY, 1976

Louise Nevelson, New York, NY, 1972

Igor Stravinsky, New York, NY, 1946

Brassai, New York, NY, 1976

Jackson Pollock, Long Island, NY, 1949

Claes Oldenburg, New York, NY, 1967

Gore Vidal, New York, NY, 1947

Jean Dubuffet, Vence, France, 1956

Eleanor Roosevelt, New York, NY, 1962

Marcel Duchamp, New York, NY, 1966

Ansel Adams, 1975

Bill Clinton, Washington D.C., 1999

Isamu Noguchi, New York, NY, 1947

Pablo Picasso,Vallauris, France, 1954

Marc Chagall, New York, NY, 1942

Man Ray, Paris, France, 1948

Joseph Albers, New York, NY, 1948

Helen Hayes, 1959

Baltimore, MD, 1939

Two Men On Porch, West Palm Beach, FL, 1941

Woman On Porch, West Palm Beach, FL, 1940

Man On Church Porch, West Palm Beach, FL, 1941

Mother And Child, Philadelphia, PA, 1938

Arnold Newman and Augusta, 1949

Augusta, 1949

Tags: portraits, vintage photography
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