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photos by by Paul Thompson

Big Ed (Edward Augustine) Walsh, Chicago White Sox

Eddie (Edward Leslie) Grant, Cincinnati Reds.

Christy Mathewson, New York Giants.

Frank Chance, Chicago Cubs

Billy Sullivan, Chicago White Sox

Johnny Evers, Chicago Cubs

Heinie (Charles F.) Wagner, Boston Red Sox

Chief (John Tortes) Meyers, New York Giants

Chief (Charles Albert) Bender, Philadelphia Athletics

Ira Thomas, Philadelphia Athletics

Eddie (Edward Stewart) Plank, Philadelphia Athletics

Walter Johnson, Washington Nationals

Eddie (Edward Trowbridge, Sr.) Collins, Philadelphia Athletics

Topsy (Tully Frederick) Hartsel, Philadelphia Athletics

Bill (William Shirley) Collins, Boston Doves

Fred (Frederick Lovett) Lake, Boston Doves

Harry M. Steinfeldt, Chicago Cubs

Lee Tannehill, Chicago White Sox

Germany (Herman "Dutch") Schaefer, Washington Nationals

Jimmy Dygert, Philadelphia Athletics

Jimmy (Samuel James Tilden) Sheckard, Chicago Cubs

Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown, Chicago Cubs

Bill Dahlen, manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers

Rebel (Ennis Telfair) Oakes, St. Louis Cardinals

Connie Mack, manager for the Philadelphia Athletics

Joe Tinker, Chicago Cubs

Sherry (Sherwood Robert) Magee, Philadelphia Phillies

Tags: photo project, portraits, vintage photography
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